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Oil Syndicate

This will be made on Tuesday 4th January, 2022. Orders to by made by 3rd January. Contact John or Elaine Bradshaw on 01545-570240 to place your order or email cympencom@gmail.com  

The Oil Order was placed on Monday 2nd August, 2021. The cost per litre, from Certas, was 42.4 pence + 5% VAT
You are still able to make an order made on the 1st of every month, through Pennant Syndicate, with Felinfach Syndicate. Same terms and conditions apply as per Pennant Syndicate.

Please read terms and conditions below.


Since 2005 Cymuned Pennant, and previously the community group Llais Pennant, have been collating domestic heating oil orders to obtain discounts on the price per litre. As a result the numbers of people taking advantage of the savings have increased. This has then led to further savings as the quantity of oil ordered has increased

Orders have been taken from persons outside of the Village. This has included Cross Inn, Ciliau Aeron, Bethania, Penwch, Aberaeron, Newquay.

We have recently been approached by Ciliau Aeron, and have approached Cilcennin, to amalgamate our purchasing power. The larger the order that we can provide the bigger the discount.

If you know of anyone who would like to save money on their home heating bills tell them to join us. There is no charge or membership fee.

As we all know the price of oil fluctuates greatly and has far more market forces acting upon them than other domestic fuel supplies. Also there is no regulatory bodies protecting the consumer as with mains electricity and gas. The price for oil is quoted as it stands on the day the order is placed.


Don't worry if you ever miss one of the Pennant Syndicate's orders. You can still make an order. Pass your details and requirements as usual and they will be passed to one of the surrounding 'Oil Syndicates' to place an order to save you some money.

Generally domestic heating oil is ordered on three occasions through the year: -
At the end of August or beginning of September;
During January if a top up is required; and
At the end of March or beginning of April.

All that is required is for the following information to be provided: -

Your full Name;
Full Address - including post code;
Telephone number;
Quantity of oil required; and
any special requirements or access issues (small lorry only, etc)

There will is a minimum order of 500litres.

We are also able to order red diesel for farmers/authorised users


Below is listed the terms and conditions relating to membership of the Pennant Oil Syndicate.

1. The Pennant Oil Syndicate is a loose affiliation of residents of Pennant and the immediate area, seeking to reduce fuel costs.
2. The sole purpose of the syndicate is to negotiate bulk delivery discounts for domestic heating oil and red diesel in Pennant and the immediate area.
3. Membership is free, members can join/leave the syndicate at any time.
4. Members are free to order fuel themselves at anytime, there is no obligation to wait for syndicate deliveries.
5. Members of the syndicate have no obligation to order fuel each time the syndicate places an order.
6. Receipt and payment of the Oil Company invoice is the responsibility of the individual syndicate member. The syndicate has no financial obligation or responsibility.
7. Oil will be ordered in early September, January and possibly March/April if there is a demand. Watch the Community newsletter for delivery dates.
8. The syndicate administration will maintain a list of members, addresses, and contact details. It may also be necessary to keep details of any restrictions to delivery(narrow roadways, distance to tanks, fractious dogs)
9. The syndicate will establish  and maintain a list of approved suppliers and negotiate the best price from this group.

To make an order please note the new email address of: 
cympencom@gmail.com or telephone John & Elaine Bradshaw on 01545-570240 - Syndicate co-ordinator.

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