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The latest information with regards to the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is available through the link https://www.ceredigion.gov.uk/resident/ 

View the latest information on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Ceredigion 

Childcare Provision for Frontline Service Workers in Ceredigion 

View the latest information on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Public Health Wales website

All Council offices will be closed to the public from Monday, 23rd March, 2020 for an indefinite period.

To contact the Council please telephone 01545 570881 or e-mail clic@ceredigion.gov.uk

In an emergency, please telephone:

Social Services: 0300 4563554

Highways and Environmental Services:
North: 01970 625277
South: 01239 851604


If you have any issues, questions, worries, concerns or observations about flooding in the Pennant area please contact Annette Burkett via 01545-570881.

Visit https://www.ceredigion.gov.uk/resident/coast-countryside/coastal-flood-risk-management/ for further information.


Public service providers across West Wales are working together to assess the state of well-being of local people and communities, now and for the future. Many things can influence the well-being of individuals and communities, such as economic, social, environmental and cultural factors. 

How do people get involved? 
People can give their views by completing a Well-being Survey by 30th September 2016, on http://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=146653035198 
We will also be working with local groups and visiting community events and shows during July, August and September to make sure we find out about the views of lots of different types of people.  

What happens next? 
The information provided will be used in our Ceredigion Assessment of Local Well-being.  The assessment will be used by the Ceredigion Public Services Board to put together a 5 year Local Well-being Plan that will say what we intend on doing and how the Board will be working together to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Ceredigion.  The Plan will need to be in place by April 2018. 

If individuals don’t have access to the internet they can call into the County Council’s libraries or offices where paper copies are available. 

If you would like a copy of the survey on paper or in another accessible format, or if you would like any further information please contact: 
E-mail: steffan.gruffudd@ceredigion.gov.uk
Phone: 01545 572010
Post: PSB Office, Ceredigion County Council, Penmorfa, Aberaeron, SA46 0PA 

Cymdogion Cynnes is pack designed to support and offer the most effective help for individuals. It lists both local and national Welsh energy schemes to ensure
wherever possible, homes and residents are able to be safe and warm during the winter. There is a list of organisations to contact for further information or assistance. Copies of the latest issue are available at the Community Centre, in English and Welsh, along with a link on the community website.

Please follow links to
Cymdogion Cynnes (English) or Cymdogion Cynnes (Welsh)
KEEP WARM & KEEP SAFE and remember, there is always someone who can help.


If your home is hard to heat, call Nest.

The Welsh Government’s Nest scheme is here to help you keep warm and save money on your energy bills.
Nest is open to all householders in Wales and provides advice on saving energy, money management, energy tariffs, and benefit entitlement.   
In addition to free advice, if you own or privately rent your home and you or someone you live with receives a means tested benefit, you may be eligible for home improvements at no cost. These may include a new central heating boiler, loft insulation, or cavity wall and solid wall insulation.  
If your home is hard to heat, please contact Nest on Freephone 0808 808 2244 for free advice and to see if you are eligible for energy saving home improvements, or visit www.nestwales.org.uk for more information.

Os yw'n anodd gwresogi eich cartref, ffoniwch Nyth
Mae cynllun Nyth Llywodraeth Cymru yma i'ch helpu i gadw'n gynnes ac i arbed arian ar eich biliau ynni.
Mae Nyth yn agored i ddeiliad tai yng Nghymru ac yn rhoi cyngor ar arbed ynni, rheoli arian, tariffau tanwydd, a hawl i fudd-daliadau. 
Yn ogystal â chyngor am ddim, os ydych yn berchen ar eich cartref neu'n ei rentu'n breifat, a'ch bod chi neu rywun sy'n byw gyda chi yn cael budd-dal yn seiliedig ar brawf modd, gallech fod yn gymwys i gael gwelliannau i'ch cartref am ddim. Gall hyn gynnwys boeler gwres canolog newydd, inswleiddio'r atig, neu inswleiddio waliau ceudod a waliau solet.  
Os yw'n anodd gwresogi eich cartref, cysylltwch â Nyth ar Rhadffôn 0808 808 2244 i gael cyngor am ddim ac i weld a ydych yn gymwys i gael gwelliannau i'ch cartref o ran arbed ynni, neu ewch i www.nestwales.org.uk/cy/hafan i gael rhagor o wybodaeth.


Citizens Advice Ceredigion encourages over 50s to get to grips with their pension 
The average age of people in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire getting help with their pension is 61 despite free guidance being available for anyone over 50, reveals the Pension Wise team at Citizens Advice Ceredigion. 
This means people could be planning their retirement finances 10 years before finishing work, to make sure they have the right money to fit into their plans.  
As the Pension Wise service reaches its first anniversary, Citizens Advice Ceredigion says it’s never too early to start planning for your retirement and is encouraging locals 50 and over to book a free guidance session. 
In April 2015, rules around pensions changed and for the first time, people were able to decide whether to buy an annuity, cash in the whole pension pot, take a lump sum, or choose a mixture of these options. 
Clare Withey, Pension Wise Guidance Specialist at Citizens Advice Ceredigion said: 
“It’s never too early to start thinking about your pension. 
“For many 50 year olds retirement may seem a long way off but it’s a good time to start understanding how your pension could support your plans for the future. 
“The pension freedoms have given consumers a lot of options they might not be aware of or fully understand, such as cashing in part of their pension. Our Pension Wise guidance specialists can walk people through their options and get them on the right track towards a financially secure retirement.”    
To book a face to face or telephone Pension Wise appointment call 0800 138 8292 FREE. 
What to prepare to get the most out of your Pension Wise appointment: 
1.         First, work out the value of your pension pots. You can look at your most recent statement, or contact your provider. 
2.         Check if there are any restrictions on your pension, such as penalties for taking it early. 
3.         Get a state pension forecast - you can find out how to do this from the Pension Wise website. 
4.         Gather information on any benefits you receive as any pension decision you make could affect these. 
5.         Work out your likely living expenses, including the cost of essentials like housing and utilities, and leisure activities. This should help you come up with a rough budget, which you can compare to your potential pension income. 
Bring the information to your Pension Wise appointment. Your guidance specialist will help you think through your circumstances, and present the options available to you. 
- ENDS - 
•           The Pension Wise Guidance service is backed by the Government and monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is being delivered by Citizens Advice and The Pensions Advisory Service. 
•           Contact Clare Withey, Pension Wise Guidance Specialist at Citizens Advice Ceredigion for more information on 01239 621974, or email clare.withey@cabceredigion.org 
•           Citizens Advice Ceredigion delivers Pension Wise appointments in Cardigan, Aberystwyth, Lampeter, Carmarthen, Llanelli, and Ammanford. 
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