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It is obvious, with the development and improvements required at your Community Centre, we require some feedback from you the Community.

What do you want at the Community Centre?

What does the Community Centre need?

What do you want to see available or run at the Centre occasionally or on a regular basis?

How does the Community Centre need to be developed for the future?

What would you like to see in the development of the building or site?

Rather than send out any structured form, at the present time, why not make a few notes which you could email to info@cymunedpennantcommunity.org.uk or drop in the letter box at the Community Centre.

There is also still room for other community groups to be run at the centre. No need for committees or any other formal arrangements. Decide what you would like to run and just let somebody know when you would like to use the Centre. The Centre would be opened and you will be able to follow your interests.

Contact the newsletter editor for further information.


We all wish Sheila Lewis, Morawel, a speedy recovery from her recent illness and hope to see her back in full health very soon. 

We have again failed in the preliminary application for a Big Lottery Fund Grant. 

It would appear that they consider we do not have a need for a Centre. Local communities would appear to have been forgotten and left behind. The Big Lottery Fund would appear to crave the limelight of publicity and commercial investment. We are however trying to fulfil the needs for you, our community.

At our next meeting, on Monday 6th March, we will be exploring other avenues for finance for what are the needs of our community. What might be considered the mundane needs of the many appear to have been marginalised and forgotten by the largest major grant funding body.

If you have any ideas please come along. We are looking at the long term development and use of your community centre. 

The initial work required is to install an efficient heating system, insulation of the building and rewiring.

Additional minds considering the issues can bring forward fresh ideas and help to target the priorities. 

A Brief History 

April 2003           Local Public House, The Ship, closed.
21/06/2004           Llais Pennant Voice, the Pennant Community Group, held its first meeting.
December 2004    Village Survey.
07/02/2005           First monthly ‘Llais Pennant Voice’ newsletter produced.
June & July 2009    Consultative Community meetings to decide the way forward with the old school building. Meetings attended by residents and all community groups. One meeting was addressed by the Chief Education Officer from Ceredigion County Council.Pennant School closed.
21/09/2009          The first meeting of Cymuned Pennant Community held.
November 2009   First issue of ‘Cymuned’, Cymuned Pennant’s monthly newsletter issued.
April 2010          School officially closed. 
May 2010          Village Shop and Post Office closed.
07/07/2010          Cymuned Pennant Community Limited (7307691) incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.
February 2011       Cymuned Village Survey
14/11/2011          Cymuned Pennant Community became a Registered charity, number 1144653
March 2016          Old School building purchased by Cymuned

For those who have moved into the village over the past 14 years this is the background as to what has happened, with also the loss of the ‘regular’ restricted bus service we had.


The Centre has now been fitted with a new ‘smart’ electric meter. This is so that we are able to arrange a lower tariff for the Centre’s electricity use. Presently the annual cost for electricity is running at £2,000.00.

If you wish to leave anything for the Centre there is now a mail box fitted on the outside of the building by the front door.
A further stage 1 application form has been submitted, to the Big Lottery Fund, so as to be able to make a full application for funds to develop and improve the facilities at the Community Centre.


Below is a note that has been received from Islwyn Williams, Bryneglur, Pennant.
Cranfa er cof am Joan Williams, Bryneglur, Pennant.
Casglwyd £2,470.00 tuag at YMCHWYL CANCER U.K. (CANCER Y FRON). Hoffwn gymeryd y cyfle fel teulu ddiolch I bawb am gyfranu ac am bob arwydd o gydamdeimlad a chared I grwydd ar ein profedigaeth.

Collection in memory of Joan Williams, Bryneglur, Pennant.
A total of £2,470.00 was collected towards CANCER RESEARCH U.K. (BREAST CANCER).As a family we would like to thank everybody for their contribution, support and condolences during our time of bereavement.


Sadly, Josie Bushby of Buckswood, Pennant died on Monday 16th January, 2017. There was a private ceremony held at Aberystwyth Crematorium on Monday 23rd January, 2017. 


There has been an increase in telephone and on-line scams over recent months.

These have included the usual requests from all the Banks for your Account Details; BT emails request details for upgrading your accounts; HMRC requesting Bank details for payment of tax refund; and a more recent one asking for Bank details so that a BACS payment can be made into your account.

Peter Jones from Esgairarth highlighted a phone scam where the caller, with an Indian accent, states that he is calling from BT with an offer so as to be able to offer and connect you to BT High Speed Broadband. This is for the purchase of equipment and the fitting. Bank details are required so as to make a payment. This is when money amounts are removed from the account details provided.

Remember to protect your Bank Account details, passwords and login information. It is your information to know and no one else no matter who they say they are.

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas
Gan ddymuno i chi i gyd Nadolig Llawen       

Thank you to everyone for their support in 2016.
Let’s carry our achievements and spirit through to 2017.

Always remember that there is always someone who can help in Pennant.


It doesn’t seem possible that this is the 8th Christmas that we have had the use of the old school building. The major difference for this year is that you, the Community & Members, through Cymuned, now own the land and building.

The Directors/Trustees freely give a lot of their time to organise events, maintain the building and look at options to raise funds or obtain grants to improve the facilities. Most have been there from the start of this Community project. This year we have welcomed  David Jeremiah formally onto the team, although he has been a willing volunteer for some years. We also have the assistance and expertise being provided by David Edmonds. We are hoping that this year will see through major developments of the building and facilities.

I would also like to thank all the other volunteers for their hard work and support this year, Ron & Debbie Cutler, Annmarie Butlin, Ian Lampert, John & Elaine Bradshaw and our ever active Chairman and County Councillor Dafydd Edwards. Also everyone who answered the call when work parties were put together to sort out maintenance and cleaning of the building.

None of the above would matter if you the Community did not support the venture in attending the Clubs, Groups, Socials, etc. This is run for the Community by the Community. I would like to thank you all for your support.

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Why not see what you would like to have at your Centre. Start something new for the New Year so others can join in. You only have to arrange the meeting time and date. No need for any formalities.


There is a Christmas Raffle again this year. 

1st Prize - a hamper with Christmas goodies. Includes Christmas Cake, chocolates, sweets, wine and other essentials..

Tickets are £1.00 each, available from the Centre, with all proceeds going to the Community Centre fund.

The Raffle will be drawn during the Christmas Dinner being held at the Community Centre on Sunday 18th December, 2016

10.00am Thursday 15th December 2016

Come along to Pennant Community Centre and join us in celebrating Christmas along with the children and Staff from Cilcennin School. They will be entertaining us with seasonal songs. Bring your singing voice along to join in.

Also there will be the draws made for:-

The 100 Club Christmas Draw; and Christmas Community Members Draw – 1st Prize £50.00; 2nd Prize £30.00; and 3rd Prize £20.00. You must be a paid up member of Cymuned for your membership number to be included in this draw.
12.30pm Sunday 18th December, 2016

There is a list at the Community Centre for anyone wishing to attend the annual Christmas Dinner.

Traditional dinner with the option of Beef or Turkey, Christmas Pudding + tea or coffee. £8.00 for members, £10.00 for non-members. Bring along your own drink.

The draw for the Christmas Raffle will also take place.

Monday 9th January, 2017
 Remember to get your oil order in by Sunday 8th January, 2017, to save yourself money.



Sadly Joan Williams, Bryneglur, passed away on Wednesday 5th October, 2016 after a battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with Islwyn and the family in their time of loss.

This will probably not be the name that some of you knew Joan by. Perhaps it was Joan ‘Boys’ or Joan ‘Jam’.

Joan was very much a larger than life character who was involved in the Community and a great supporter of the Cymuned village project for the provision of a community centre. Her laugh could be heard throughout the Community Centre.

Joan was a member of Pennant W.I. and was the current treasure. She was well known, by many of the children in the village, from her work at Pennant School. She attended many social events, the Stitchers Group, Healthy Living and Coffee Mornings

Her jam making was legendary and bought throughout the area and at our Annual Craft Fairs.

Joan will be missed but never forgotten.


Thank you to everyone made donations, provided cakes and prizes for the raffle and who came to the Coffee Morning on Thursday 29th September, 2016. We made a total of £176.00.


Just an update on the long and drawn out issue of the ‘high speed’ fibre broadband connection promised as part of the Superfast-Cymru broadband scheme.

As everyone might be aware, the fibre cables were installed by contractors on 14th August, 2015. They are all presently in place awaiting connection by BT. This project and funding were initially available via the Welsh Assembly & BT partnership until March 2016, with low or no signal areas to be targeted first. However, the priority was changed by BT to upgrade the more populated areas, already with a good service, to maximise their income.

Rob Carpenter, Lanlwyd, on behalf of the Community, has written to our MP, Mark Williams, in order to find out what is happening. 

From the enquiries made by Mark William’s office it indicated that the delay has been due to obtaining a wayleave for the site of the fibre cabinet to be sited, although use could have been made where the old phone box once stood. 

It is now hoped that the work will be carried out in January 2017 even though earlier enquiries and recent press stories have indicated this could be Summer 2017!

It had been previously reported that the website for the project delivery had finished but we have been informed that you can still see updates and communicate via www.superfast-cymru.com or http://www.superfast-cymru.com

If there are any further updates these will be published via the newsletter and website.

Thank you to Rob Carpenter and the offices of Mark Williams MP for obtaining and providing this information. 


Nia and Isabella Evans, Cartrefle, Pennant, won a cookery competition in their respective age groups. As a result they went to London to Cook with Michelle Roux. They also met Greg Wallis from ‘Master Chef’ and Wayne Sleep.

Both girls thoroughly enjoyed their day, along with family, with memories that will last them for many years.


We have been informed that the Council will sign the transfer document on Thursday 31st March, 2016. The building will then be ‘ours’.

Let’s now move forward to the next task and get the building how we want it. This will include us making a third application for lottery funding and exploring other grants that may be available.

We are always looking for ideas of what we can run or do at the Centre and for anything that anyone would like to organise there.
If anyone would like to start any group all you have to do is book the room. The only official thing you have to do, as far as Cymuned is concerned, is collect the fee of £6.00 per hour for the room hire. This would be a Pennant Community Group/Members rate. Higher charges are made for anyone running the sessions as a business.

Thank you to everyone who has continued giving donations throughout the year and for a very generous recent donation.
Every little helps in maintaining the Centre and paying the bills. We have money put aside to purchase the building but there is always something that needs doing.
Extra income helps to sort out issues that make the building a better place to use.

Please could you visit the web site of our local resident artist Phil Huckin, Talybont.
This is a new web site and may be of interest to you. Also, if the number of visits increases this will push the web site up the rankings on search engines so that it will be more readily accessed from a search.
The address of the new web site is www.philip-huckin.com

We are always looking for new ideas to make use of your community centre. At the present time there are very few day time activities so what ideas do you have? Remember that whatever is run at the Centre, as part of the community and not a commercial enterprise, does not have to be formal. It can just be a gathering of like-minded people with a common interest e.g. book club, table tennis group, darts group, mother & children group, etc.
‘Why Not Become A Part of Your Community’ - by running, helping to run, or organising existing events at the Centre. We are always looking for more helping hands or volunteers.
If you have any ideas for events, groups or functions or feel that you can or want to help with anything that is presently being run, or you can offer any other assistance please contact the newsletter editor


Do you have any ideas or want to run any new groups, classes or sessions?
Do you feel that you could help run, assist or organise events at the Centre?
We are always looking for ideas and help, along with new volunteers, for your Community Centre.
If you feel that you want to help with anything that is presently being run or offer any other assistance please contact the newsletter editor.


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