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Thank you to everyone who has so far made a donation towards works to be carried out at your Community Centre. Your anonymity will be respected.

Trying to make things a little better, warmer and save energy. 


Come along to Pennant Community Centre, on Saturday 5th October, 2019, where there will be a chance to have a whole day, between 10.00am to 4.00pm, to learn the Art and Skills of Flower Arranging.

Please contact Dilys Jones 01545- 570245 for further information.


This will be held at Pennant Community Centre at 7.00 pm Saturday 27th July, 2019.

This is an informal evening with Light Refreshments available. All Welcome

Come and see our local Art Group’s work.


The Annual Village Show is usually held at the beginning of August. This year it is anticipated that works will be carried out at the Community Centre which may require a temporary closure during August.

If the closure does not go ahead or after the work is completed a Village Show may be organized.

Watch out for any further news via newsletter or by email.


Come and join the new Dyffryn Arth Community Choir and “Sing away the winter blues!” Commencing: Wednesday 11th September 7.00 p.m. in the Pennant Chapel.
No experience necessary. Those with experience will help those without. Varied programmes and genres.

Please contact Wendy Edmonds if interested:
email: wedmondsfearn@gmail.com
Telephone: 01545 570411

Dewch i ymuno â Chôr Cymuned newydd Dyffryn Arth, a “Chanu blues y gaeaf iffwrdd!”
Dyddiad dechrau: dydd Mercher 11eg Medi 7.00 yh Capel Pennant.
Nid oes angen profiad. Bydd y rheini sydd â phrofiad yn helpu’r rhai sydd heb brofiad. Rhaglen a genres
Cysylltwch os oes diddordeb gyda chi â Wendy Edmonds:
e-bost: wedmondsfearn@gmail.com
Ffôn: 01545 570411


If you wish to donate money for concrete blocks, to build the new entrance lobby, please see any of the Trustees. If you wish your donation to be anonymous just say at the time.

Hopefully we can make a good start to provide better facilities and make the building less draughty. 

This would be followed by a storeroom and office facility and an efficient and controllable heating system. Our highest expenditure is for electricity.

We want to make a big impact in improving your Community Centre. We would record all the donors details say they would be displayed at the Centre. 

We are hoping to carry out works in August which would probably have to include a measure of decorating. If you would be able to help please let us know when we confirm the dates.



“On Wednesday 15th May we will be finally leaving Wales to go and live closer to our family in England.  In the 15 years we have been in Pennant we have made many friends and we simply have too much to sort out before we go to properly say goodbye to everyone. So this is just to say thank you to all who have made us feel so much at home here.  We will miss you all.

Rob and Judy Carpenter xxx”
Formerly of Lanlwyd

8.00am, Sunday 9th June, 2019

We will be having another pitch at Pennant Car Boot Sale to raise funds for your Community Centre.


Last call for anyone needing to replace their oil tank. 

All tanks have a date on them for replacement. Sunlight degrades the material and it is prone to cracking. If you have a leak it can prove to be extremely expensive. This is not only for a new tank and replacing the oil but for an environmental clean-up.

Contact newsletter editor or email your requirements to cympencom@gmail.com


We have black ink biros for sale bearing the legend ‘Cymuned Pennant Community Ltd’.

Pens have a red rubber finish with chrome rings and a plunger retractable stylus. There is a rubber soft touch pad at the one end to use on touch screens. Cost £1.00 with all profits going to Cymuned.


Sales commencing Sunday 3rd March, 2019.

Gates open 8.00am - Cost for a ‘pitch’ is £7.00. 

On site facilities include Catering Van; Toilets; Private parking (50p); and children’s play area.

For more information contact Robyn on 07973-621666: email info@pennantcarboot.co.uk: website www.pennantcarboot.co.uk; or visit their facebook page.


Are you looking at having a spring clean? If you are don’t forget that the community generally does a car boot sale to raise funds for your community centre.

We also send clothing, tools, light machinery, sewing machines, gardening implements, toys, bikes, etc, to Romania. This is through a local charity in Temple Bar.

Have a look and let us know. Things we don’t want or use have a value to someone.


Does anyone need to replace their domestic oil tank?

I am aware of three residents who wish to replace their oil tanks and I will be enquiring if we would be able to get some discount on a bulk order, along with fitting costs.

Oil tanks have a limited ‘life span’are marked with a date for when they should be replaced. The weather and UV rays degrade the plastic and it becomes more brittle and can crack.

New tanks tend to be bunded, double skinned, and have security features along with two methods of indicating how much fuel is in them.

If you would be interested in a quote please let the newsletter editor have your name, contact details and the size and type of tank you require.


Any messages for Cymuned, or allied connections, should be addressed to the new Email address of cympencom@gmail.com


Funding is at present being sought to insulate and re-lay the floors in the Centre. This is to try and minimise the major cause of draughts in the building.

If further funding is available a repair is required to the roof on the extension, by the toilets, along with replacing ‘blown’ double glazed units.

It is hoped that with help the Centre can be redecorated and tidied up inside and out. This usually takes place during August.

Any donations, assistance or materials for this work would be very much appreciated.


Thank you to all our supporters over the past 10 years. We endeavour to provide the facilities and equipment to the community for their activities and groups.

We have come a long way from renting the building in 2009. The committee / trustees are now concentrating on making improvements to your Community Centre. We want to make improvements to make it warmer and better place to be. The trustees can only do so much on their own. As a community we should be able to do more together.

Join in from the New Year and make things happen in your Community.

PENNANT 2009 to 2019

I have been living in Pennant since December 2001 and have been involved in community projects and groups over this time. My wife was employed as a police officer in Aberystwyth and our daughter was educated at Pennant School, Aberaeron High School, and after graduating from Cardiff University she is completing her Masters. I am proud to live in Pennant.

With the formation of Cymuned in 2009 we have seen many changes in community facilities that are available. This has literally provided a ‘Centre’ to the community. Many villages/communities, close to ours, have no community facility to bring residents, being they old or new, together. 

Over the years we have lost ardent supporters with the deaths of good friends and neighbours and some who have moved away. This year has been no exception and we have seen a large influx of new residents who are welcomed to our community.

People may not use the Community Centre at the present time but in future years they may appreciate somewhere to socialise and attend groups, events and functions. I think that in the long term it could be a case of ‘use it or lose it’. 

Let us make this a year when people appreciate what an asset the Community Centre is for everyone. With your support we could put on live shows again and broaden the scope of use.


The door locks on the Community Centre have not yet been changed. It is hoped that this will be done during January.

It is required that authorised persons, involved in running groups and events, should provide contact details so that the code to gain access can be made available.If any security issue arises, with regards to access to the centre, the number may be changed earlier. 

Any keys for the old locks should be returned to Malcolm Sumner.


The Annual Christmas Member’s Draw will be made during the Community Christmas Dinner on Sunday 16th December, 2018

This draw is made using your Cymuned Membership number.

1st Prize: £50.00  2nd Prize: £30.00 & 3rd Prize: £20.00.

You must have renewed or joined Cymuned and be fully paid up prior to 16th December.

10.00am Thursday 13th December, 2018

We will be joined and entertained by the pupils and staff of Cilcennin School for a Christmas ‘sing-song’. Come and join in some Christmas cheer.

A draw will be made of the Christmas 100 Club numbers. There will also be an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for the Christmas draw. It will also probably be the last chance to join or renew Cymuned Membership before the Member’s Christmas Draw is made on Sunday 16th December, 2018.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Get into the Christmas Spirit!!!!!


We have to keep on top of problems that arise at the Community Centre with, at times, temporary repairs being made so that we can look at how the issues can be remedied. 

The action taken is dependent on the scale of the task, the cost and the skill sets that are required.

The main issue that we presently have to deal with, at the Centre, is water leaking through the flat roof on the extension by the toilets. The small fix would be to replace the section of the roof in that area. However, a flat roof has inherent issues and the ideal repair would involve the whole roof being raised, so that insulation could be added, with a slope to allow the water to drain off.

Have you got skills or materials that could assist in making a repair or rectifying the whole roof to prevent any possible further leaks.

We have identified priorities to make the building draught proof which would involve the replacement of ‘blown’ double glazed windows and fitting new doors. The building requires insulating and an efficient and economical heating system installing but all of this has a cost and money appears hard to obtain, even through grants.

We are hoping to that 2019 will identify a source of funding to make all the necessary improvements and to be able to further develop the building and site. However, we have prided ourselves in not sitting back and waiting for things to happen. We try and take whatever needs doing into our own hands and making progress. PLEASE help if you can.


Since Cymuned came into being in 2009 it has been reliant on a few volunteers to oversee the running, cleaning, maintenance, fundraising, organisation and the running of events/groups.

Next year will be the 10th year that this Community has had its own facility, which was always the aim of the previous community group ‘Llais Pennant’. It is a shame that those that had previously been involved in community matters had not remained to provide their support in our community. As the saying goes ‘Many hands make light work’.

There have been many attempts to raise funds from events and grants to make the Community Centre what you the community want and deserve. To date we have only been successful on one occasion when Ceredigion County Council provided matched funding to purchase the land and building.

With the A.G.M. coming up at 8.00pm on Monday 5th November, why not consider what you could do to help and support your community centre. Without the Centre there is no ‘heart’ in the community. We lost the shop, school and pub and looked at becoming just another dormitory village having to look around the area for interests and entertainment

If you have an email address pass it to the newsletter editor. This will save the community money and you will get your monthly newsletter, updates on crime in the area, any scams and information of events that are taking place locally.

We would always welcome someone sponsoring each monthly newsletter which costs in the region of £30.00 to produce 90 copies.


Just a reminder that Sean Thomas, Swn Yr Efail, Pennant along with staff from Bronglais Hospital Pharmacy Department completed a 34 mile coastal path walk from Llangrannog to Aberystwyth over 29th/30th of September, 2018, in aid of the ‘Blood Bilkes’.

This is a thank you to everyone from Pennant who donated to the walk. Altogether they raised over £3500. The initial target was £1500!! They were all very happy with the result and the money will go to a very, very good cause.


Thank you to everyone who attended our charity coffee morning, at the community centre, in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support on the morning of 4th October, 2018.

Your kind donations raised a total of £142.00.


Just a reminder that membership for Cymuned Pennant Community is due for renewal from 1st October, 2018.

There has been no AGM to set the rate of membership for 2018/19 so this will remain the same at £5.00 per adult and children 16 and under free.

Show your support for your Community Centre and take advantage of the benefits of being a member.

Please complete attached membership form.


Thank you to everyone that donated items for the car boot sales. Also further thanks to all those that gave their time on the days to sell those items.

A total of £395.00 was raised. 

This money will go to the funds for the running and up-keep of your Community Centre.

Sean Thomas, Swn Yr Efail, Pennant along with staff from Bronglais Hospital Pharmacy Department will be doing a 34 mile
coastal path walk from Llangrannog to Aberystwyth over 2 days on the 29th/30th of September, 2018.

This is to raise money for Blood Bikes Wales who provide a free out-of-hours service transporting items such as blood, plasma and vital medication between hospitals.

This is a huge benefit to the NHS as it prevents the need to use ambulances
or expensive taxis to transport these items. It is estimated that for every pound Blood Bikes receive in donations, the NHS saves at least £5. Riders can cover over 1000 miles over 1 weekend!

Please donate whatever you can to help continue supporting these passionate
and enthusiastic people who give up their free time not only to help save the NHS money, but also to save lives.

To donate search for 'Bronglais Pharmacy Blood Bikes Coastal Path Walk' on
www.justgiving.com or call in at 6 Swn Yr Efail, Pennant to complete the donation form.

Thank you.


Thank you to everyone that donated items Sunday 19th August, 2018, for the car boot sale. Also many thanks to all those that gave their time on the day to sell those items.

On the day we raised £210.00.

We still have items left and will try to have a pitch again to raise more funds for your Community Centre

8.00pm Monday 3rd September, 2018

Don’t forget to come along. We want to know what you would like to see at your Centre.

If your Community Centre doesn’t work for you who have you told? What have you done about it? Why aren’t you involved?

Also, be a volunteer. Extra hands can spread the load and lead to more activities and use of your Community Centre.


Congratulations to Roy and Josie Salter of 5 Bro Arth, Pennant, on their pending marriage at Pennant Church on Saturday 4th August, 2018. 

There has been no interest expressed in forming the above group. There will always be an opportunity to revisit this option again in the future.

Sunday 19th August, 2018

Just a reminder that Cymuned Pennant Community will be having a Car Boot pitch at Pennant Car Boot Sale on Sunday 19th August, 2018. If you have any items that you could donate, to raise funds for your Community Centre, it would be much appreciated. Please contact newsletter editor, Elaine Bradshaw or Annmarie Butlin to arrange delivery or collection of items. 
Thank you.

8.00pm Monday 3rd September, 2018

This is notification of Cymuned Pennant Community Limited’s A.G.M. to be held at 8.00pm Monday 3rd September, 2018, at Pennant Community Centre.

I am required to give 28 days of the meeting. Only proposals and business items that have been notified to the Company Secretary, at least 14 days prior to the meeting can be discussed. Any proposals or business items brought up as ‘Any Other Business’, during the meeting, can only be discussed on the agreement of ALL persons present.

All committee/management posts are for re-election, the posts being Chairman; Vice Chairman; Treasurer; Secretary; and General Committee Members. Nomination forms are available and are to be completed and submitted to the Company Secretary 14 days before the meeting. Nominee, proposer and seconder all have to be paid-up members of Cymuned Pennant Community Limited.

Proposals/items for the Agenda can only be put forward by paid up members of Cymuned Pennant Community Limited. Agenda will be available 7 days prior to AGM.

All the above conditions are supervised, in accordance to the Articles of Association / Constitution, by the Secretary so that everything is open, transparent and fair. 

As a Community Group we have no personal or ‘hidden agendas’. We are here to serve our members and the Community.

Please come along and see what you can do to help with your Community.

If you have an email address why not pass it to the newsletter editor. This saves the community money and you will get your monthly newsletter, updates on crime in the area, any scams and information of events that are taking place locally.


The next Annual Village Show will take place on Saturday 18th August, 2018 at Pennant Community Centre.

1. All entries to be on the official entry form, with payment to, Elaine Bradshaw, Gerallt, Pennant, SY23 5JP, by 4th August 2017. Late entries will NOT be accepted
2. Exhibits must be staged between 10am and 11am
3. Judging will commence at 11.30am to 12.30pm
4. The hall will reopen at 1.00pm.
5. Presentation of prizes at 2.30pm.
6. All entries to be removed between 3.30pm and 4.00pm
7. No more than 2 exhibits per exhibitor in any one class.
8. Any prize money may be withheld or modified if the exhibits are considered unworthy of the prizes offered. The judge’s decision is final.
9. Exhibitors to provide own containers where required (paper plates will be allowed)
10. All exhibits shall be at the risk of the exhibitors, Cymuned Pennant accept no responsibility for loss or damage.

The entrance fee per exhibit - Adults 40p    Children 25p
Prize Money will be - First: £1.00     Second 50p

A copy of the Show Pamphlet, including entry form, is attached. It is also available to download from the website.

Why not have a bit of fun and join in. There are plenty of categories and some of them don’t include growing anything.


We have another Wedding in the Village at the beginning of August.

Roy and Josie Salter of 5 Bro Arth, Pennant, will be marrying at Pennant Church on Saturday 4th August, 2018. They have hired the Community Centre from 4.00pm Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th August.

Sorry to any groups that this inconveniences but time is required to set up and decorate the rooms.


Calling all Mothers! Would you like to have your own time, away from home, with your child/children.  A meeting could be held at the Community Centre so that you could meet other mothers and their children. The children could play together whilst the mothers enjoy tea or coffee and a biscuit.

If you are interested please contact the newsletter editor. We have someone who is willing to coordinate any meetings


If you have an email address why not pass it to the newsletter editor. This saves the community money and you will get updates on crime in the area, any scams or events that are taking place locally.

On this the 100th Edition of  The Cymuned Newsletter it is only fitting that I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Malcolm for his dedication and perseverance in editing the newsletter throughout it’s existence. It is the vehicle that binds the community together and ensures that we are all aware of the activities within Cymuned and the surrounding community.
The first edition, published in November 2009, referred to the setting up of Cymuned Pennant as a result of a consensus within the area for retaining the school as a community centre. The view was that the centre was to be an inclusive organisation open to all to use and contribute to it’s running.

I trust that we have kept to those ideals in maintaining the centre as a vibrant facility for the whole area which the community now owns.

This has only been possible through the tireless efforts the volunteers that organise events and maintain the building and strive to improve the facilities.

Thanks to you all

Dafydd Edwards (Chairman/Trustee)


I have attached a copy of the first newsletter which goes to illustrate how things have moved on and developed in your community.

Things will always change and, over the period that the newsletter has been published, we have lost loved ones and some good friends. 

At this time there are12 properties in the village up for sale.      

The newsletter attempts to keep you up to date with changes taking place with the local authority, benefits and grants and crime.

More importantly it is there for you. If you have any news or details of events in the area,
personal celebrations or articles of interest please let me know.

I will endeavour to keep you informed.


This year’s treasure hunt will take place on Friday 15th June, 2018.

As usual the start time will be between 6.00pm and 6.30pm from Pennant Community Centre.

You will have the opportunity to select a meal for when you arrive at the designated finish point.

Cost will be £2.00 per person.
Come along and have an enjoyable evening


We had the sad news of the death of Karine Evans of Awelon, Pennant, on Saturday 31st March, 2018, after a short illness.

Karine had been a member and supporter of Cymuned from the day the community group started. She was also known for playing the organ during services and events at The Church and Chapel.

Her great love was playing Bingo but she had very limited success at our local Bingo nights.

Our thoughts are of her and with her family.


We have an intrepid and brave resident of Pennant running the London Marathon for a local charity. Martin Darby, Swn Yr Efail, Pennant obtained his place via the ballot of applicants.

He considers that he must be a bit stupid as he has only ever run half marathons, 10k's and 5k's so he knows it’s going to hurt lots!

He is raising funds for the local Cylch Meithrin Glan Y Mor, Llanrhystud, Please donate as much as you can to help the children of this small village Meithrin. It would be much appreciated.

On the plus side the children of the Meithrin will also be designing the top that Martin will be running in!  Trying to get them involved and interested!.

Donations, online through the email address below: -



Broadband connection, to the fibre network in Pennant, is via the new green cabinet situated by the Church. Fibre optic cable feeds into the cabinet from Aberaeron via Aberarth. From the cabinet there are still copper cables running to properties. This restricts the signal transmission due to the limitation of using copper cables and the length of cable from your property to the cabinet. This is not the case in Cross Inn, Nebo and some other surrounding areas, which have been provided with fibre to their properties. Would you be interested in finding out what it would cost to have your property connected direct with fibre? Please let me know.


From looking at the monthly calendar, for your Community Centre, you can see that we are probably busier than any other local village hall or community centre.

However, we have vacancies for other groups or societies to make use of the hard earned facilities.

If you would like a Music Club, History Group, Book Club, Afternoon Tea Club, or any other interest group please let us know. Remember – No committee required. Just let us know when and arrangements will be put in place. Simple!


Thank you to all the people, from the village, who attended Dennis’s Funeral at Aberystwyth Crematorium on Monday 19th February.

Dennis was a quiet man and enjoyed nothing more than walking his dog ‘Tilley’, playing golf and his music. He will be missed.


If you haven’t already heard the new telecoms cabinet in the village is now live. You can now order fibre and high speed broadband connections from your supplier. It has taken three and a half years so let’s hope it doesn’t take too long to get up and running.


Is there something that you would like to run at your Community Centre.

You will see from the monthly diary that there is no day time use on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. The other days have limited use but also remember that there are two rooms.

See if you have a group of like-minded people who would want to get together and follow their interests and contact Malcolm Sumner.


It is with sadness that I announce the death of Lynda Bushby, late of Buckswood, Pennant. 

She passed away on the morning of 8th January, 2018, at Abermad Nursing Home after a long illness. 

The funeral will be private no cards or flowers please. 

Any enquiries to Anne McKenzie 01974 272804.


The Members’ Christmas Draw was made on Thursday 21/12/2017 at Pennant Community Centre during Coffee and Carols.

1st Prize: 132   -   Mansell Edwards       £50.00

2nd Prize: 79    -   Ed Brown                 £30.00

3rd Prize: 27    -   Donald Jones            £20.00


A further update, on when the ‘fast fibre broadband’ will be available, has been solicited from engineers. It has been stated that the service should be initiated sometime in January 2018.

Things have been delayed due to a problem that has arisen from an installation error.


If you have an email address please pass it to the newsletter editor.

You can receive the newsletter, social updates and any issues relating to crime or any suspicious activities immediately.

Email can save Cymuned the cost of printing documents which can be spent on the Centre.

FOR 2018

Help to improve your community and become part of it. 
Don’t be a Stranger
Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas
Diolch i bawb yn Nadolig Llawen iawn

Thank you to everyone who has supported and helped at your Community Centre through 2016.

We need to get all those that live in the village to become part of the Community during 2017.

Always remember that there is always someone who can help in Pennant.

You shouldn't be a stranger in your own Community


This is the 9th Christmas that we, as a Community, have had the use of the old school building. As the Community own the building this should be a facility that can be used for many more years to come, if we all support and use it. The modern idiom, with people no supporting groups, organisations oe vents brings to mind the well worn saying, "Use It Or Lose It!".

Everyone should be proud of the work and support afforded by all the Directors/Trustees who freely give their time to organise events, maintain the building and look at options to raise funds or obtain grants to improve the facilities.
We always have room for people willing to volunteer or help in anyway.

I would like to thank all volunteers for their hard work and support this year, Ron & Debbie Cutler, David Edmonds, David Jeremiah, Annmarie Butlin, Ian Lampert, John & Elaine Bradshaw and our ever active Chairman and County Councillor Dafydd Edwards. Also everyone who answered the call when work parties were put together to sort out maintenance and cleaning of the building.

None of the above would matter if you the Community did not support the venture in attending the Clubs, Groups, Socials, etc. This is run for the Community by the Community. I would like to thank you all for your support.

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Why not see what you would like to have or organise at your Centre. Start something new for the New Year so others can join in. You only have to arrange the meeting time and date. No need for any formalities.


There is a Christmas Raffle again this year. 

Prize - a hamper with Christmas goodies. Includes Christmas Cake, chocolates, sweets, wine and other essentials..

Tickets are £1.00 each, available from the Centre, with all proceeds going to the Community Centre fund.

The Raffle will be drawn during the Christmas Dinner being held at the Community Centre on Sunday 17th December, 2017

10.00am Thursday 21st December 2017

Come along to Pennant Community Centre and join us in celebrating Christmas along with the children and Staff from Cilcennin School. They will be entertaining us with seasonal songs. Bring your singing voice along to join in.

Also there will be the draws made for:-

The 100 Club Christmas Draw; and Christmas Community Members Draw – 1st Prize £50.00; 2nd Prize £30.00; and 3rd Prize £20.00. You must be a paid up member of Cymuned for your membership number to be included in this draw.
12.30pm Sunday 17th December, 2017

There is a list at the Community Centre for anyone wishing to attend the annual Christmas Dinner.

Traditional dinner with the option of Beef or Turkey, Christmas Pudding + tea or coffee. £10.00 for members, £12.50 for non-members. Bring along your own drink.

The draw of the Christmas Raffle will also take place.

We are always looking for new ideas to make use of your community centre. At the present time there are very few day time activities so what ideas do you have? Remember that whatever is run at the Centre, as part of the community and not a commercial enterprise, does not have to be formal. It can just be a gathering of like-minded people with a common interest e.g. book club, table tennis group, darts group, mother & children group, etc.
‘Why Not Become A Part of Your Community’ - by running, helping to run, or organising existing events at the Centre. We are always looking for more helping hands or volunteers.
If you have any ideas for events, groups or functions or feel that you can or want to help with anything that is presently being run, or you can offer any other assistance please contact the newsletter editor


Do you have any ideas or want to run any new groups, classes or sessions?
Do you feel that you could help run, assist or organise events at the Centre?
We are always looking for ideas and help, along with new volunteers, for your Community Centre.
If you feel that you want to help with anything that is presently being run or offer any other assistance please contact the newsletter editor.


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