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I recently sent out over 160  individual emails to persons that receive the Cymuned monthly newsletter and other notifications/news.
I did this as an audit for GDPR to check:-
  • that all persons still wished to receive the emails;
  • email addresses were current and correct; and
  • to try ascertain why I am unable to send a group email, with recipients addresses sent under BCC.
Emails, sent in groups, are being returned as ‘blocked’ and labelled as ‘spam’. I do not understand the issue as I have been sending the emails for some time without any issues. There is no way of contacting Google, in relation to gmail accounts, to resolve this issue.
If I am unable to find a satisfactory fix I may have to set up another email account. The present email is fine for receiving messages but I am only able to send out single messages at one time.
This is going to make any type of circulation very time consuming. I will keep everyone posted as to any developments.

Hi, my name is Alex Holloway and I am a certified Wellbeing and Performance coach and teacher. I moved to Pennant in August this year with my wife Tomoko and 3 young boys. We have lived in many parts of the world in the last 5 years including Guernsey, Japan and Thailand. We have chosen to move to the Pennant area for the quality of life and wonderful community the area offers.
I am passionate about holistic health and wellbeing. I bring with me a range of health and well-being qualifications to offer the local community.
For 8 years I have worked as an early years teacher and I have much experience of working with children and adults to improve their health and wellbeing. I have already begun teaching children’s Yoga classes on Sundays 4:30pm- 5.00pm in Pennant Community Centre which have been very well received. We still have spaces available! 
Do you have dreams and goals you want to achieve? As an experienced wellbeing and performance coach I have a proven track record of successfully coaching a range of clients to improve their lives in all areas. I offer 1:1 coaching in person and online from the comfort of your home at times to suit you. I offer a free half hour dreams and goal exploration meeting so that you can learn more about my services. 
To book children’s Yoga classes or wellbeing and performance coaching sessions Ring Alex on 01545574686 or email 
In the future I hope to also offer meditation classes and playgroups for fathers and children. 
My wife Tomoko is an experienced Birth educator and Doula supporting mums and families through the birth process from beginning, to birth and beyond. Antenatal classes are also available. Ring Tomoko on 01545574686 or email 
We look forward to meeting you! 

I have made appeals in the past for help with the running of your Community Centre. This is generally required, due to holidays or absence of trustees, but a number of additional volunteers would help over the year.
Unfortunately we do not pay anything. Trustees and volunteers pay their membership and to attend any groups or events as everyone else does.

We are alway looking for people to get involved at your Community Centre. If you have time to help in preparing food, cleaning or assisting in the running of events please speak to any trustee or contact the newsletter editor.


I was asked on several occasions, during lockdown, how any item could be published in Cymuned newsletter. There has always been a request for your news in the newsletter under ‘YOUR NEWS’.
This is for any articles, notices or information relating to groups, personal notices/news, sales and wants to reach the Newsletter Editor by a deadline date. These can be emailed or placed in the mail box at the Community Centre.

Cymuned still continues to prints 80 copies of the monthly newsletter. This has a cost in materials and for delivery along with the time to make deliveries
If you are able to provide an email address, to the newsletter editor, you will not only save the community money you will get your monthly newsletter, updates on crime in the area, any scams and information of  other events that are taking place locally.
As with all information held by Cymuned it is held in the strictest of confidence and will not be released to anyone without your personal authorisation/consent.



There have been regular visits made to the Community Centre to make sure everything is in good order. However, this has not prevented a further leak in the flat roof on the extension. Hopefully, this will be addressed very soon and remedial work to the interior will then have to be completed. As soon as we are made aware that Community Centres/Village Halls can open there will be a large amount of cleaning and some decorating to be completed. At this time any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


We have been in lockdown or restrictions for many months and the only thing that appears to increase is the volume of litter. No tourists or any other visitors can be blamed. It is obviously just lazy local people who drive through the village. They appear to have no pride in their surroundings or country.

During the first lockdown, when the weather was better, litter picks were made collecting sacks of rubbish that had been dumped at the side of the road and discarded from vehicles. 

If you see anyone throwing rubbish from a vehicle take their registration number, note what and where the litter was deposited and report it to the Police. Also, if you have dash camera footage, save that and forward that also. Believe me fines can be quite high.


This is the last directive we had in relation to Community Centres.

Closure of community centres - a person(s) responsible for a community centre must ensure that the community centre is closed except where it is used to provide— 
(a) essential voluntary services, or 
(b) public services upon the request of the Welsh Ministers or a local authority.

The next review, of the continuing lockdown, should be due on 19th February, 2021.


With the present overriding advice still being to avoid gatherings, especially at home, and distancing yourself from others, along with conflicting advice and confusing guidelines, the only sure way to feel safe and deal with the present situation is to only do what you feel safe and comfortable doing.

Protecting yourself and your family is the most important factor at this present time. 

Keep Safe and Keep Well.

Remember to lend a hand. If someone is elderly, those alone, disabled or with ill health may need some help. Be a good neighbour and involved member of your community.


The Christmas draw, for members of Cymuned Pennant, was held during the coffee morning on Thursday 19th December, 2019.

1st Prize of £50.00 – 77 – Pat Papps

2nd Prize of £30.00 – 69 – Catherine Wood

3rd Prize of £20.00 – 31 - Alan Turner

Your Community Centre is now in its 13th year and new challenges are always being looked for.
The Centre continues to be wholly run by volunteers. No payments or expenses are paid. Volunteers pay their annual membership fee and for any function that they attend. Nothing is free. This included the three months labour for the recent works, refitting the kitchen, updating the toilets, replacing the guttering, and all general maintenance and decoration. All of this has made a huge saving which has enabled more money to be spent on the fabric of the Community Centre.
We would still like to know what you would like to be available at the Centre in the way of new groups, interests, equipment. Also, at the same time, let us what you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the Centre.
We now have ‘facebook’ up and running, our website and the monthly newsletter. Any suggestions with regards to these platforms are also welcome.
Please let the newsletter editor or a Trustee know if you have any ideas for a new group. No formal structure would be needed as a community group. Just provide a contact, book the room and facilities you require and collect a contribution for the room hire. In the past we have had suggestions for a ‘Book Club’, ‘Film Club’, ‘Keep Fit Group’ (exercise bikes) and a monthly 60’s and 70’s Music Night. A suggestion has been put forward to have ‘Afternoon Tea’ for a cuppa, cake and biscuits, although advertised afternoon teas have found no support.
The purchase of the old school, and many of the projects carried out, would not have been possible without the generous donations made by residents in the village. We thank all of you for your kind and continued support.
Have a think and let us know. You can post a note to the Community Centre, contact a Trustee, or email cympencom@gmail.com 

Canolfan Gymuned Pennant Community Centre
9.30am to 11.30am on dydd Gwener Fridays

We have a new group commencing at the Community Centre from Friday 15th November, 2019. Come along ‘cloncan, chwarae, canu, mwynhau / chat, play, sing, enjoy’.

Cost £2.50 +50c am bob plenty ychwanegol / 50p for each additional child.

Contact Hayley 07900-105513, Lynne 07919-978522 or email pennant.ti.a.fi@gmail.com


If you wish to donate money for concrete blocks, to build the new entrance lobby, please see any of the Trustees. If you wish your donation to be anonymous just say at the time.

Hopefully we can make a good start to provide better facilities and make the building less draughty. 

This would be followed by a storeroom and office facility and an efficient and controllable heating system. Our highest expenditure is for electricity.

We want to make a big impact in improving your Community Centre. We would record all the donors details say they would be displayed at the Centre. 

We are hoping to carry out works in August which would probably have to include a measure of decorating. If you would be able to help please let us know when we confirm the dates.



We have black ink biros for sale bearing the legend ‘Cymuned Pennant Community Ltd’.

Pens have a red rubber finish with chrome rings and a plunger retractable stylus. There is a rubber soft touch pad at the one end to use on touch screens. Cost £1.00 with all profits going to Cymuned.

PENNANT 2009 to 2019

I have been living in Pennant since December 2001 and have been involved in community projects and groups over this time. My wife was employed as a police officer in Aberystwyth and our daughter was educated at Pennant School, Aberaeron High School, and after graduating from Cardiff University she is completing her Masters. I am proud to live in Pennant.

With the formation of Cymuned in 2009 we have seen many changes in community facilities that are available. This has literally provided a ‘Centre’ to the community. Many villages/communities, close to ours, have no community facility to bring residents, being they old or new, together. 

Over the years we have lost ardent supporters with the deaths of good friends and neighbours and some who have moved away. This year has been no exception and we have seen a large influx of new residents who are welcomed to our community.

People may not use the Community Centre at the present time but in future years they may appreciate somewhere to socialise and attend groups, events and functions. I think that in the long term it could be a case of ‘use it or lose it’. 

Let us make this a year when people appreciate what an asset the Community Centre is for everyone. With your support we could put on live shows again and broaden the scope of use.


On this the 100th Edition of  The Cymuned Newsletter it is only fitting that I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Malcolm for his dedication and perseverance in editing the newsletter throughout it’s existence. It is the vehicle that binds the community together and ensures that we are all aware of the activities within Cymuned and the surrounding community.
The first edition, published in November 2009, referred to the setting up of Cymuned Pennant as a result of a consensus within the area for retaining the school as a community centre. The view was that the centre was to be an inclusive organisation open to all to use and contribute to it’s running.

I trust that we have kept to those ideals in maintaining the centre as a vibrant facility for the whole area which the community now owns.

This has only been possible through the tireless efforts the volunteers that organise events and maintain the building and strive to improve the facilities.

Thanks to you all

Dafydd Edwards (Chairman/Trustee)





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